HAYMAN Vibrasonic vintage drums 22-12-13-16fl...795,-

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HAYMAN Vibrasonic vintage drums mat zwart 22-12-13-16fl...795,- Set in zeer goede staat! 3-ply ketels met white interiors, zelfde als Ludwig-ketel uit die tijd. Ophanging dubbele tom ook aanwezig.

Op foto alleen met 12 tom afgebeeld maar de 13 is er ook.

Not so modern drummer review:

Handcrafted in the UK, Hayman were marketed as ‘The greatest drum happening since the plastic head’ and claimed to be ‘more resonant than any drum on the market’.

Their quality control was so thorough all drums were sold with a lifetime guarantee. So let’s have a look at these drums in more detail….

Aside from lugs, their other most distinguishable feature was their shell interiors, with a ‘vibrasonic’ coating - Seven coats of special metallic poly-eurathene spray, bonded to the internals of the shell, claimed to be superior to Ludwig’s ‘resocote’. The shells were made of cross laminated Swedish Ply (which according to the catalogue was more expensive than regular ply and stronger due to the cross lamination) and featured 8 ply internal support rims (also laminated individually for extra strength). Initially produced in only 3 brushed metallic finishes (gold, silver and midnight blue -brass badges ’69-73), other colors were introduced later (regal red, matt black, natural pine and iceberg- smaller, silver badges ’73-75). The earlier finishes were triple laminate layers of Melinex and metal foil, which were flame resistant. They were unique to Hayman and I haven’t seen them anywhere else (although I read somewhere these coatings were used on refrigerators).